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Is It Gas or Something Else?

Are you having pain in your gut? Southern Gastroenterology Specialists has offices in Locust Grove, Riverdale, Stockbridge, and Jackson, GA, and is here for you when you need a gastroenterologist. Read about some of the most common causes of stomach pain and come see us if you're concerned about your gut!

Everyone has experienced stomach pain at some point, whether it's sharp pains, cramping, or bloating. All this discomfort can be a sign of several things. One of the most common culprits is gas. Gas builds up in your small intestine and colon, and that buildup of pressure can be very uncomfortable. This is common after meals, but if you notice more gas and bloating after eating certain foods, try adjusting your diet. For pain, simethicone can help relieve the gas and pressure.

Here are some other common causes of stomach pain and what you can do for relief:

  • Constipation. When you are constipated, extra pressure builds up in your colon and small intestine. The best things to do are add fiber to your diet and hydrate to stay regular.
  • Diarrhea. When you have diarrhea the spasms in your small intestine and colon can be painful. It's most important to hydrate to help relieve symptoms.
  • Acid reflux. Acid reflux can cause acid from the stomach to leak into the chest area. This creates a burning feeling in the chest and stomach. Over-the-counter antacids can help relieve the burning sensation but adjusting your diet to avoid caffeine, spicy food, and alcohol is best to combat acid reflux.
  • Food allergies. Some food allergies can cause painful spasms in the gut, so get tested for food allergies if you notice pain after eating certain types of foods.
  • Stress. Your brain and gut are connected, and stress can cause spasms in your gut. The best way to control your stress levels is a balance of exercise and relaxation.

It's normal to have gas sometimes, but if you are experiencing persistent stomach pain, contact your gastroenterologist. It could be a sign of a more serious issue like irritable bowel syndrome. Southern Gastroenterology Specialists has offices in Locust Grove, Riverdale, Stockdale, and Jackson, GA, to serve you better. Call us today at (770) 692-0100 to schedule an appointment.

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